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Little Angels is open Monday to Wednesday and Friday.

We start at 9:15am.  We have lunch club on Monday and Friday between 12 and 1pm.



The children's ages range from 16 months to 3.5 years. The youngest children generally attend on Tuesday or Wednesday but the classes are mixed. We have  2 staff in attendance to 8 children per morning.


Weather permitting we will try to be outside for some of the session, and with this in mind please ensure that your child has suitable clothing. (Coat, gloves, hats, shoes/boots) For inside a pair of slippers/socks should be provided.  We would also like each child to attend with a spare set of clothing, just in case.




If a minor accident should occur such as a scratch or small cut we will administer first aid and advise you of this when you pick your child up.  In case of emergency we will immediately contact the parent and medical help if it is necessary.  It is therefore important that we always have the correct contact number.




To register your child at Little Angels fill in the enclosed registration form and return it.  A registration fee of 100€ is required when a start date has been agreed (50€ will be refunded on start date).

Each morning session costs 32€. The fees must be paid monthly and are payable on the first session of that month. If a legal holiday falls on your child's normal attendance day or the playgroup is closed for any reason, then the fee won't be payable for that session.  All other normal sessions must be paid for whether your child attends or not.

Please note that we do not charge for 2 weeks closure at Christmas, 2 weeks at Easter and 4 weeks in Summer.  We do not charge for closure due to public holidays.




... are available here





We would ask that your child does not attend Little Angels if he/she has a fever, diarrhoea, or influenza, has been vomiting, or has any unidentified rashes.  To reduce the spread of illnesses your child should be symptom free for 24hrs before returning to playgroup.



Leaving Little Angels Playgroup

Please note that we require three month's notice when removing your child from the playgroup.  This is so that we have sufficient time to re-allocate your child's place.

Please note that you are only able to park on Taunus Strasse as Edelfluss is a narrow road and not suitable for traffic.






Just contact us.  You will need to fill in a registration form, an emergency consent form and a liability waiver form.  These are all available here.



Snack time

All food and drink, at this highly sociable time, is provided by Little Angels. We aim to supply a small balanced snack which is part healthy but also exciting to eat! We do NOT serve chocolates or sweets. However at Birthday times parents will bring in cakes or cake which can contain chocolate. We are a nut free playgroup at all times!

The children can drink water or 100% diluted apple juice. Table manners are observed at all times whilst encouraging free talking between the children .




We plan to have one carer for every four children.  Occasionally we may require a stand-in carer due to illness.



What do I need to bring ?

We ask all parents to provide a small bag with a change of clothes (in case of accidents!) some slippers and nappies where applicable.

In winter please ensure that a warm coat and shoes or boots are worn incase we venture out.



What happens if I start Potty Training ?

Most parents decide to potty train around 2 and a half years old. We are happy to help. All staff have their own children and can understand the frustrations that we go through!




For questions about availability, please contact us. Currently there are vacancies. The playgroup is located in Oberursel running Monday to Wednesday and Friday between the hours of 9:15a.m and 01.00 p.m. Activities include free play, creative arts and crafts, music and dance, reading books, story-time, singing, playdoh, physical play and in summer outdoor activities including sand and water etc. We have a small winter garden, a large summer garden and park close by. A snack is also provided.   


New artwork and photos available here !


Acknowledgements : copyright 2006.  Thanks to all the children of Little Angels and a special thankyou to Ella for the artwork